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“You’re a tough guy, Sunny,” Sunil Gavaskar’s scathing statement on Shubman Gill was addressed by Matthew Hayden.

"You're a tough guy, Sunny," Sunil Gavaskar's scathing statement on Shubman Gill was addressed by Matthew Hayden.

During India’s third Test match against Australia for the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, former India batsman Sunil Gavaskar made a derogatory comment about Shubman Gill. The third edition of the four-match series between the two heavyweights has taken place at Indore’s Holkar Cricket Stadium.

Rohit Sharma and company have had a rocky start, losing more than half of their side in less than 90 runs. The decision to include Gill in the starting lineup after KL Rahul’s disappointing performances in the previous two matches was one of the topics of discussion leading up to the game.

Gill wounded himself during the seventh over of the inning after receiving a severe blow to the area around his abdomen while taking a fast single. The starter paused briefly before dialling the physio. Gavaskar, who was providing commentary alongside Matthew Hayden, however, appeared to take offence to the action. Gavaskar did not mince words as he swiftly assessed the opener for taking the break.

We can see some repair work being done for Shubman Gill. I tell you what, he dove to make his crease. This may have been postponed. This may have been put off till the very end of the over. You’ve given a fast bowler a break after four deliveries since it’s hot and he’s still bowling. You are harmed, yes, but just wait for the next two delivery. Wait for the over to end before receiving treatment. You are not at the striker’s end; rather, you are at the non-end. striker’s Gavaskar stated that small adjustments might have a big impact.

Matthew Hayden responded by saying that Gavaskar’s comments were “too harsh.”

“Sunny, you’re a cruel man. That really hurts,” Hayden retorted.

Sure, but remember that you are playing for your nation. Only two more deliveries remain. At the non- striker’s, you are. If you’re on strike and experiencing pain, I can understand. And after two deliveries, he’s done that,” Gavaskar said, maintaining his position.

Following a little deflection of Matthew Kuhnemann’s ball that gave Gill an outside edge, Gill scored 21 runs off 18 balls. India was 84/7 at lunch, so it will be interesting to see how the home team responds after a shaky start.


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