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Women’s cricket in India needs its own wing because one person can’t handle everything: Mithali raj.

Women's cricket in India needs its own wing because one person can't handle everything: Mithali raj.

Former India captain Mithali Raj believes that the NCA should have a distinct body dedicated to managing women’s cricket. Women’s cricket in India is becoming more active with the arrival of the WPL and more emphasis for the U19 team. Because of this, she thinks VVS Laxman, the NCA chairman, won’t be able to manage everything, thus she wants a particular person to oversee the women’s department.

She added that because there aren’t many competitions, women cricketers in India don’t get to compete in many domestic matches. She does, however, think WPL can alter that. She added that there would be scouting camps to find good players, and that teams would later place them in the right environment to develop their potential.

“You need a distinct wing to manage women’s cricket as it becomes busier and they participate in more competitions. Women’s cricket needs to be managed separately since one person cannot oversee everything. Numerous camps will be held, as well as senior-level competitions. In fact, having a distinct women’s wing will be beneficial. But the BCCI has the last say in that.
“Unlike men’s cricket, the domestic system doesn’t feature an excessive number of games or competitions. Thus, Mithali explained in an interview with Indian Express, “the players are significantly dependent mainly on these tournaments (One Day League, Super League).

She continued by saying that if a player makes it to the finals of any of these events, only one gets to participate in every match, yet they still only play about 15 games annually. She claims it is insufficient because the cricket players won’t receive enough exposure from these events.

In that sense, there will be a suitable system to support it with the WPL, scouting, and camps. Players won’t have to put too much pressure on themselves to perform well in a single tournament. You get a second chance at WPL. There will be another chance, and if you succeed, the selectors will once more be paying attention to you,” she subsequently remarked.

Raj explains why women’s cricket is becoming more and more popular in India.

According to Mithali Raj, the popularity of women’s cricket in India has increased significantly as a result of matches being broadcast on television and the availability of internet platforms. She claimed that the increased public awareness of women’s cricket had aided in the expansion of the sport.

“I would think that the televised matches and the digital platform are a major part in all of this. Since everyone has a phone in this day and age, any news can spread quickly. And the amount of absorption only rises the more you view something on a screen or phone. People are fascinated about and keen to watch women’s cricket as more matches are broadcast on television. And as the quality improves, more and more people want to view,” Raj said.


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