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Why is India concerned about security when other teams are coming to Pakistan? – Najam Sethi

Why is India concerned about security when other teams are coming to Pakistan? - Najam Sethi

Najam Sethi, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has questioned the BCCI about why it has reservations about sending players to Pakistan for the next Asia Cup whereas other countries have no such reservations.

Sethi, who is working to ensure that Pakistan hosts the 2019 Asia Cup, said it is time to “take a definite stand” and that he will bring up the subject at the future meetings of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and International Cricket Council (ICC).

Sethi remarked at a news conference on Monday, as reported by India Today, “We have difficult problems on the table but for me when I go to the ACC and ICC meetings, I have kept all options open for us and we have to take a firm stand now.
The PCB chairman is adamant that if the BCCI continues to refuse to send a team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, they may have to consider skipping the ODI World Cup in India. This is true even if the BCCI has not changed its decision to not send a team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup.

PCB chairman dissatisfied with BCCI’s position

“Because there are no security concerns when all teams visit Pakistan, I have left my options open. So why is security a concern for India? In the same manner, sending our squad to India for the World Cup may raise security issues, and I will bring this up at the upcoming meetings, “He declared.
Sethi continued by expressing his desire for Pakistan to host the Asia Cup and reiterating that the nation will also play host to the ICC Champions Trophy in 2025.

If we want to host the Asia Cup and keep in mind that the Champions Trophy will be held in Pakistan in 2025, we obviously oppose this posture (taken by India).” Sethi continued. Sethi added that before to the meeting, he had inquired about the difficulties with the Pakistani authorities.

“As a result of my request for government counsel, we are now required to follow the instructions of our patron-in-chief. What can we do if he tells us to go play in the World Cup even if India doesn’t come for the Asia Cup? If he tells us not to travel, our situation is similar “He declared.

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