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Why Babar Azam and Joe Root Won’t Face adversity Like Virat Kohli Did, According to a Former Pakistani Pacer

According to former Pakistani pacer Aaqib Javed, Virat Kohli has a “soft spot” outside the off stump, and he gets stuck to deliveries there. Javed said this because Kohli gets stuck to deliveries there.

The recent slump that Virat Kohli has experienced with the bat has become a major topic of discussion. The star batsman for India has not scored a century since November of 2019, and in the most recent months, he has had trouble playing knocks that have a significant impact. Now, the former Pakistani pacer Aaqib Javed has shared his thoughts on what sets Virat Kohli apart from other players such as Babar Azam, Joe Root, and Kane Williamson. According to Javed, there are two distinct categories of “great players”: those who have strong technical abilities and those who struggle to overcome a certain deficiency.

“There are two distinct categories of exceptional players. One is that if they have a weak spot and they allow themselves to become mired in it, their hard patch will endure. The remaining players, including Babar Azam, Kane Williamson, and Joe Root, all have strong technical foundations and are not expected to struggle for an extended period of time. It is challenging to identify their areas of weakness “Javed stated on

“When the deliveries are outside the off stump, Kohli often finds himself in a bind. James Anderson has been really dismissive toward him, “He continued by saying something about the previous captain of India.

“When I was watching the game, I noticed that whenever he made a shift, it was with the intention of keeping his play in closer proximity to his body. Even if you alter your approach or the flow of your work, the challenges will not go away. It is possible that he will stage a comeback if he plays consecutive innings that are quite long “He gave an explanation.

On a more lighthearted note, the former bowler made a joke on one thing that India and Pakistan have in common.

“Let’s take Kohli as an example; if he isn’t feeling very confident and India ends up losing to Pakistan, then India will be in the same position as we are. If he does not score any runs, then people are going to question why you played him in the first place.”

“Then the question always comes up as to why they didn’t play an in-form Deepak Hooda, which could be the case. However, the pitches in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are located on the sub-continent, so there is a possibility that you will regain your form while you are there “he stated.

The match between India and Pakistan is scheduled to take place in the United Arab Emirates on August 28 as part of the Asia Cup.

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