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When Harbhajan Singh saw the reaction to Shahid Afridi’s joke about Gautam Gambhir, he lashed out at the trolls who made fun of him

Harbhajan Singh fired back at individuals who were harassing him on social media for allegedly smiling at Shahid Afridi’s dig at Gautam Gambhir while he was participating in a TV debate on India’s match against Pakistan.

After he was seen chuckling while former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi remarked during a chat that Gautam Gambhir was not appreciated even by Indian players, India spin legend Harbhajan Singh received backlash on social media. This occurred after the video was posted online.

Harbhajan, on the other hand, laughed off the trolls who “just want to have some fun” and said that they are only attempting to rile him up in order to draw a response out of him. He referred to Gambhir as his “brother” and stated that he supports each and every Indian player.

“These individuals’ top priority is to relax and enjoy themselves, above all else. Their objective is to cause problems in the work of others so that I will either say something or respond to it “Harbhajan remarked to Sports Tak.

“There is no need for me to elaborate on the closeness of my friendship with Gautam or on the quality of our companionship. These are the types of people that like to blow every little thing out of proportion “He proceeded further.

“That way, they are free to act however they like. I just have one piece of advise to provide, and that is to behave in a human way. Because you are people by birth, you should behave like humans and not like animals “Harbhajan stated.

“Because you say that I laughed at Gautam, but do you know the context in which that statement was made? I looked down to see what had happened since something had fallen on my feet, and I saw that curd had fallen on my feet. But you have no way of knowing that because all you did was look at my face “he said.

“In any case, I support each and every one of the Indian players. I am very proud to be an Indian. And it makes no difference to me what other people are saying about you on social media. Instead of simply once, you should say it three more times. My name is Gautam, and I take great pride in being an Indian “the former spinner reached their conclusion.

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