Ishant Sharma

elaborates on how previous captain Virat Kohli has impacted the Indian squad, saying that he "knows how to groom youngsters."

Ishant explained Kohli's position on the squad by saying that if you are a senior player, you must first score your own runs.

Virat Kohli's batting performance in the future WTC (2023–25) cycle was stressed by Indian paceman Ishant Sharma.

Ishant emphasized how important it is for older players to set an example when responding to a question regarding Kohli's role in developing the young players during the new WTC cycle.

He mentioned Kohli's present mental condition and batting form as elements that will probably assist to his success in the next matches.

If your captain supports you, it becomes crucial for you as a player.

Kohli captained India for 68 Test matches during which time they won 40 games while losing just 17.

Without a doubt, the team's performance will be greatly impacted by Kohli's success.