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Virat Kohli on India’s incredible victory against Pakistan at the T20I World Cup: “I still can’t make any sense of it.”

Virat Kohli on India's incredible victory against Pakistan at the T20I World Cup: "I still can't make any sense of it."

India vs. Pakistan at the T20I World Cup 2022 is still fresh in the minds of every cricket fan in the world. A game for the ages was made possible by Kohli’s spectacular shot to Haris Rauf and the thrilling run chase. A few weeks prior to India’s match against Pakistan, many experts questioned Virat Kohli’s place in the team. Some people even said that the star Indian batter shouldn’t play in the World Cup.

Kohli silenced the doubters by playing an unbroken innings of 82 runs in only 53 deliveries and leading India to a spectacular victory, but just as the Men in Blue were struggling against their bitter rivals Pakistan during the run chase.

The 34-year-old recently spoke about that game, and Kohli claimed he can’t recall any guidance he received from head coach Rahul Dravid because he was so overwhelmed by the pressure.

The truth is that I was under so much strain that my head had completely turned off by the 12th or 13th over, Virat Kohli admitted at a PUMA event. “I still can’t make any sense of it. That’s a pretty honest statement. And a lot of people have tried to ask me what were you thinking, how did you plan.

I swear, and I even admitted it to Rahul bhai, “I remember in the break, Rahul bhai came to me, and I don’t remember what he said. I told him, ‘I have no idea what you told me in the break because I was zoned out,'” he continued.

I’ll never be able to explain it, and it won’t ever happen again: Kohli
Virat Kohli also reflected on the fact that India’s ability to defeat Pakistan was largely down to his instinct. The chase master even stated that he had no idea how it occurred and that it is most likely not going to happen again.

When Kohli stopped planning and thinking, “that is when my instinct took over, and whatever God-given skill I have came to the surface, and suddenly I felt like something higher was directing me,” he added.

The lesson for me was to quit using your mind so much because it actually drives you away from true magic. What occurred that night, I can never describe it, and it won’t happen again, he continued. “I can’t claim any of that. I was trying to do it previously as well, but it wasn’t working.

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