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Video of an amazing stumping by Australian cricketer Jay Lenton goes viral.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni of India is probably the best wicketkeeper when it comes to stumpings in the game of cricket. The former captain of India is known for his lightning-fast speed behind the stumps. His great glovework has won him many fans all over the world. Throughout his career, Dhoni has done amazing things with his quick stumpings and no-look dismissals.

Meanwhile, a video of a great stumping has been posted on social media, which can also impress the legendary Indian wicketkeeper. During a club cricket game in Sydney, Australia, a cricket player named Jay Lenton made the stumping. On top of that, people on social media are calling it the “greatest stumping of all time.”

On the video, you can see how easy it was for wicketkeeper Lenton to get it. But Lenton didn’t try very hard when he quickly threw the ball at the stumps, and to everyone’s surprise, it hit the stumps.
Jay Lenton discusses the firing.
During the game, the dismissal was first counted as a run-out, and the official scorekeepers also wrote it down that way at first. But after talking with the umpires, the strange way of getting out was changed to stumping.

“I saw that he moved forward a little, so I threw the ball more out of hope than anything else…

I didn’t even think it would work. “As soon as it hit the stumps, I realized it might be out, and it was,” Lenton told Yahoo Sport Australia.

“There was some confusion, so the scorers had it written down as a run out, but it was clearly a stumping, so they changed it. In my career, I’ve been stumped a few times, but nothing like that,” he said.
The video has made a big splash on the internet, and people are sharing it on many social media sites because it is so new.

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