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To probe Shakib’s social media post about Bet Winner News, the Bangladesh Cricket Board has ordered an investigation

The Bangladesh Cricket Board stated on Thursday (August 4) that it would not allow Shakib Al Hasan to hold an endorsement deal with any betting related company and insisted that they will investigate a recent social media post from the all-rounder in which he announced his partnership with a company called “Bet Winner News.” Shakib Al Hasan made the announcement on social media. The Bangladesh Cricket Board stated that it would not allow Shakib Al Hasan to hold an endorsement deal with any betting related company.

In accordance with the regulations that are now in effect in the country, there are strong limitations on the operation of establishments that are conducive to gambling. It is illegal and against the constitution to permit businesses that deal in gambling to continue operating in the United States.

Shakib will be given a notice by the BCB, according to the president of the organisation, Nazmul Hassan. This is because Shakib did not inform the BCB of the sponsorship deal. “There are two aspects to consider. To begin, there is no possibility of receiving authorization from us since we will not grant permission. According to what Nazmul said, “if there is anything associated with betting, we will not provide any authorization.” “That indicates that he did not bother to get permission from any of us. The second thing that needs to be determined is whether or not he had in fact signed a contract.

“During the meeting that we had today, someone brought up the topic, and our response was that it is impossible to have that occur. In the event that this takes place, inquire of him right away. Because the board will not let it, you should give him notice and ask him how it came to pass. We won’t allow it if it has anything to do with gambling or betting. This was discussed earlier today.

“Because some people on the board are suggesting that it might not be associated with that (Bet Winnerr is an online gambling platform), we are unable to come to a conclusion about what to do in this situation. Nevertheless, I have requested that they be aware of it as soon as it is practicable. It has been made quite plain by the Board that this will not be doable for us.

“[But] first things first, we need to find out what it is that he has done. Not only is this (betting related actions) illegal in cricket, but it is also illegal in this country and the law does not permit it. This is a really significant problem. We cannot rely on things like Facebook posts or other similar things; instead, we need to analyse it. If this information is accurate, the board will act appropriately “Nazmul added.

The veteran all-rounder is currently embroiled in the most recent Bet Winner scandal, which is just the latest dispute he has become involved in. After accepting responsibility for three separate offences against the ICC’s anti-corruption policy, Shakib was given a one-year suspension from all forms of cricket in 2019.

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