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“They almost dictate now,” Imran Khan says of the BCCI as he keeps the BCCI-PCB fight going.

"They almost dictate now," Imran Khan says of the BCCI as he keeps the BCCI-PCB fight going.

During the ongoing fight between the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Imran Khan, a former all-rounder for Pakistan and the country’s former Prime Minister, has criticized the BCCI for being “arrogant” and “dictating” the rules of world cricket.

Khan told Times Radio that one of the main reasons for the BCCI’s arrogance was that it was able to make “a lot of money.” He also said that the board had been acting like a “superpower” in the cricket world. He also said that India set the rules for cricket around the world, like who they should play and who they shouldn’t.

“The way things are between Pakistan and India is sad and unfortunate. As a cricket superpower, India acts very cocky. Because they can make more money than any other country, Khan was quoted by Cricket Pakistan as saying, “I think they almost dictate now, with the arrogance of a super power, who they should play and who they shouldn’t play.”

Notably, the BCCI and the PCB have been following up with each other about the conflict over where the Asia Cup and the World Cup will be held. These two big tournaments are set to be held by Pakistan and India, respectively, later this year. The BCCI had already said that Indian cricketers won’t be able to go to Pakistan for the Asia Cup. In response, the PCB said that if that happened, it would also pull out of the ICC World Cup.

Khan says that Pakistan shouldn’t worry if India doesn’t let them play IPL.
Khan also talked about how India decided that Pakistani players couldn’t play in the IPL. He also tried to make his countrymen feel better by telling them not to worry because Pakistan had a lot of good young cricketers.

“It’s strange that the Indian cricket board is taking it out on the Pakistan cricket players by not letting them play in the IPL,” he said. “It just smells like arrogance.”

“If India doesn’t let Pakistan play in the IPL, Pakistan shouldn’t worry about it because Pakistan has good young cricket players already,” he said.

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