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The women’s cricket team from India that competed in the Under-19 Twenty20 World Cup and won has received a “Special Message” from Rahul Dravid

After India’s victory in the ICC Women’s U19 T20 World Cup, the Indian national men’s team sent their congratulations on the occasion of their historic championship victory.

After a tremendous bowling performance by Indian bowlers and knocks by Gongadi Trisha and Soumya Tiwari, India was able to win the inaugural U19 Women’s T20 World Cup. They did so by defeating England by seven wickets in the championship match, which took place on Sunday at Senwes Park in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

Rahul Dravid, the current head coach of the Indian women’s cricket team and a former head coach of the Indian men’s under-19 squad (the Men in Blue won the 2018 U19 World Cup under Dravid’s direction), remarked that the victory was a watershed moment for women’s cricket.

“For the Indian women’s U19 squad, today was a day that will go down in history. I would like to give this information to the captain of the Under-19 Men’s Team so that he may deliver a message to the girl, “remarked Dravid in a video that was uploaded by the BCCI.

After that, he handed off the microphone to Prithvi Shaw, the captain of the team that won the U19 World Cup in 2018.

“I believe that it is a very impressive accomplishment. Congratulations, you did an excellent job, “Shaw then yelled something, after which the rest of the team clapped loudly and in unison for the women’s team.

The India captain, Shafali Verma, got her team off to a great start in their quest to win the world cup by blasting a magnificent four off of Hannah Baker’s ball. The target was 69.

Baker then provided a significant advance for her team when she eliminated Shafali for 15 off 11 points. Bowlers from England attempted to alter the tide of the game after dangerous hitter Shweta Sehrawat was dismissed by England skipper Grace Scrivens for 5 runs off of 6 balls.

The next batter to step up to the plate was Gongadi Trisha, who bats right-handed. While Trisha took on the role of the anchor, Soumya Tiwari was responsible for maintaining some assertive boundaries.

After the first ten overs, India needed to score 21 runs in the remaining 60 balls to win. After that, Gongadi Trisha scored two consecutive four-point plays against Ellie Anderson.

Alexa Stonehouse took care of Gongadi Trisha in the 13th over of the innings by bowling him out for 24 runs off 29 deliveries.

Then, under Soumya Tiwari’s leadership, India prevailed against England to win the first-ever U19 Women’s Twenty20 World Cup. The final score was India 1, England 0.

Indian bowlers were able to completely take control of the game from the very beginning of the top match against England, which they won by opting to field first.

Liberty Heap, the first batter for England, was run out by Titas Sadhu for a duck on the second delivery of the innings, which gave India their first wicket of the game.

While playing several boundary shots, Grace Scrivens and Niamh Fiona Holland attempted to deal with the pressure that they were under. However, Holland was only able to spend a short amount of time on the crease before being forced to return to the pavilion.

After Holland was bowled out, the batters for England went out at regular intervals and lost their wickets. India took the initiative early on by bowling the first ball of the match. They struck the England Women Under-19 team at frequent intervals and ultimately bowled them out for 68 runs.

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