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The recovery from Jonny Bairstow’s freak injury is on the “right track,” which indicates that he will return to play in the Ashes

Jonny Bairstow, an all-rounder who bats in the middle order across multiple formats for England, has stated that he is making progress in his rehabilitation from an injury that was caused by a freak accident, which has boosted his chances of being selected for the English national team to compete in the upcoming Ashes series at home.

When Bairstow fell on a golf course in September of the previous year, he broke his leg and dislocated his ankle. As a result, he was forced to sit out the Twenty20 World Cup that was held in Australia as well as the subsequent test tour that was played in Pakistan.

The fibula of the 33-year-old male was broken in three different places as a result of the severe injury, which necessitated complex surgical intervention.

In light of the fact that England will host the Ashes in June and July of this year, Jonny Bairstow, assuming he is in top physical condition, ought to be a first-choice selection for the squad. The firepower he brings to England’s batting is unrivalled.

Before he was sidelined by an injury, Bairstow was having the best season of his career, posting a batting average of 75.66 and scoring four centuries in test matches.

According to the ‘Yorkshire Post,’ Bairstow stated at the Marylebone Cricket Club’s’spirit of cricket’ panel on Wednesday that “it” (the leg) is getting better, “we’re on the right track,” and that “we’re about four-and-a-half months post it” (the injury) happening now.”

The cricket player, who was a part of England’s Test resurgence under coach Brendon McCullum and captain Ben Stokes, has not set a date for his return, but he continues to be optimistic about the Ashes series.

“I haven’t actually had a return date just yet, but I’m seeing a surgeon later on in the month, so we’ll wait and see how that goes, but things are going in the right way.” “I haven’t actually got a return date just yet.

“It’s a bit more complicated than simply breaking your leg, but that’s just one of the things that you have to deal with,” said the doctor about the injury.

Everyone has been dealt a hand, and everyone has obstacles placed in their path, but it’s just another thing you can triumph over.

He went on to say that the lengthy layoff had not quite had an impact on his morale; however, staying at home had become monotonous at times.

“Being at home has been a lot different (since the injury),” he said, “taking the injury out of it, not being on flights and travelling around and being among a group of men.” “It’s been a lot different (since the injury),” he added, “putting the injury away from it.”

“At times it’s been quite good, and other times it’s been quite boring,” the speaker said. Bairstow claimed that the day before he fell on the golf course, the white-ball coach Matthew Mott and the captain of the T20I team, Jos Buttler, were talking to him about the possibility of him batting first in T20Is.

“It has been difficult, obviously the night before I did my ankle, I spoke to Matthew Mott and Jos (Buttler), and they spoke about me opening the batting in the Twenty20 side, and that’s what I’ve been wanting to do for a little while now, so I was absolutely delighted.” “It has been difficult, obviously the night before I did my ankle, I spoke to Matthew Mott and Jos (Buttler), and they spoke about me opening the batting in the Twenty20

“And then it’s amazing how quickly things can turn on their head, within 12 hours I was resting on a hospital bed, my leg in a cast, and my ankle being put back in place,” she said. “And then it’s incredible how quickly things can flip on their head.”

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