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The attorney for Majid Haq & Qasim Sheikh, the two players at the centre of the racism debate, claims that the withdrawal of the Cricket Scotland board is insufficient

Aamer Anwar, the lawyer representing two players Majid Haq and Qasim Sheikh, at the centre of a racism controversy at Cricket Scotland has said that the board’s resignation is “not enough”.

“They couldn’t see racism if it hit them in the face,” the lawyer said about Cricket Scotland. He blasted the cricket board for failing to publicly apologise to the two players, who he said should be recruited to the board for being  “a catalyst for change”.


Cricket Scotland was criticised by the attorney Anwar for “not being the bravery, the dignity, and the honesty to publicly apologise to Mr. Haq and Mr. Shiekh, to name them and say they are sorry.”

On July 24, before the publication of an independent analysis into systematic racism that sportscotland had ordered, the whole board resigned with immediate effect.

Majid Haq, Scotland’s all-time leading wicket-taker, and teammate Qasim Sheikh made claims of racism in November of last year, prompting the review. Haq, who was raised in Scotland and has Pakistani ancestry, disclosed last year how he had experienced harassment in his professional life.

Having played and over 200 times for Scotland, then after being kicked out of the 2015 World Cup, he stopped playing. He had stated in November that ethnic minority cricket players had to perform twice as good as their white counterparts in order to be given the same opportunity.

“Many people asked me why Cricket Scotland practises systematic racism; my opinion is that they do. They are, as evidenced by an investigation, Haq told reporters at the time.

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