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Sunil Gavaskar criticises former Pakistani cricketers for their comments towards Indian IPL players.

Sunil Gavaskar criticises former Pakistani cricketers for their comments towards Indian IPL players.

Over the years, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has played a crucial role in healing relationships between players from other nations. As a result of players playing alongside one another, the ferocious battles on the field have subsided.

Sunil Gavaskar, a former Indian batter, stepped forward and discussed the same topic. In his opinion, the IPL has been instrumental in bridging the gap across the globe during the past few years.

“When two of the top-ranked teams play one other, fireworks are inevitable. Gavaskar said in his column for Mid-Day that since the IPL began, the hatred between the players of the two teams has diminished significantly yet the intensity has not, which is as it should be.
He also discussed Pakistani players’ exclusion from the IPL. Because to the political difficulties between India and Pakistan, Pakistani players have been banned from participating in the IPL from the first season.

“There will always be some banter between players, but the heated and oftentimes profane exchanges are a thing of the past.” Currently, such disputes are almost always between players who do not participate in the IPL and, as a result, harbour some animosity against the Indian players they face. Some of them believe their accomplishments warrant greater compensation than the Indian player, who earns millions through the IPL, Gavaskar remarked.

Gavaskar also discussed how former Pakistani cricketers acquire prominence.
Sunil Gavaskar also expressed his opinion on how ex-Pakistani players who discuss Indian players on social media garner attention. Also, the 73-year-old believed that it is a tactic used to get followers and exposure.
Almost on a regular basis, former players from across the border disparage an Indian player by claiming that the Pakistani player is superior. These men are aware that they will receive an immediate response from Indian supporters, who will defend their favourite player, hence increasing the number of admirers from across the border,” Gavaskar wrote.


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