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Strong observation from a former Pakistan captain: Rohit Sharma in the Asia Cup “looked weak, afraid, confused.”

After India’s victory over Hong Kong by 40 runs on Wednesday, Mohammad Hafeez, a former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, had some insightful commentary regarding Rohit’s performance as India’s captain.

Rohit Sharma has not been able to find his old form in either of the two matches that have been played so far in the Asia Cup 2022. He scored 12 points against Pakistan off of 18 balls, and then against Hong Kong he nailed 21 points off of 13 balls. Not only does Rohit lead the team as captain, but he is also the most reliable opener for the squad.

However, he did not have a fantastic Indian Premier League and his performance in recent Twenty20 Internationals has not been all that great. If this pattern continues, there will undoubtedly be an increase in the amount of pressure placed on the team. In this regard, Mohammad Hafeez, a former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, provided some insightful commentary regarding Rohit’s performance as captain following India’s victory over Hong Kong by 40 runs on Wednesday.

During a conversation on PTV Sports, Hafeez initially requested that a video clip of Rohit leaving the field following the victory over Hong Kong be played, and then he stated the following: “You see Rohit Sharma’s expression after winning the match. This phrase was said after India had won by a score of forty runs.

I had previously discussed the body language of Rohit Sharma, specifically how, when he stepped out to toss the ball, he appeared to be weak, terrified, and disoriented. I am unable to see Rohit Sharma, who I have seen throughout matches playing fantastic innings, and this is causing me a lot of frustration. I believe that Rohit is feeling a lot of strain as a result of his captaincy duties. He is dealing with a great deal of challenges at the moment.

“He is not in peak physical condition. He had a bad IPL, and ever since then, his flow has been lacking. In addition to the pressure from India. He is talking about a number of different topics, such as the type of cricket, playing positively, and other similar topics, yet his body language does not reflect any of these topics.

To talk about something is simple, but to actually accomplish it is challenging. Even though it’s not a prediction of mine, I think it’s safe to say that he won’t be able to maintain his leadership position for much longer. It’s possible that he won’t be able to take charge for quite some time. I have never seen Rohit not having fun or being able to express himself. At this time, he is not expressing who he is. It’s possible that he’s distracted by too many things at once. I pity the situation he’s in. It seems to me that either he or the Indian think tank will make a decision regarding this topic.

The next encounter for India will be in the Super 4 competition on Sunday, and it will be against the victor of the match between Pakistan and Hong Kong.

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