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Stokes is candid about his use of drugs to treat anxiety

Ben Stokes, the captain of the England test team, has discussed his battles with mental health and revealed that he takes medicine for anxiety. Stokes disclosed this information in a documentary that is available on Amazon. He stated that he had continued to take the medications even after he had returned from a break of six months that he had taken the previous year to concentrate on his mental health.

“I never in a million years imagined that I would need to take medication to help me with anything like that [anxiety]. In a documentary that is available on Amazon, Stokes is quoted as saying, “I am not embarrassed or ashamed to tell it since I needed the help at the time.” “But just because I’m back in the game doesn’t mean it’s over. I still go to the doctor, though not as frequently as before, and I continue to take my prescription on a daily basis. It’s a process that never ends.”

The European Cricket Board encouraged Ben Stokes to take some time off, and Stokes himself has been quite vocal about the importance of having open conversations about mental health.

“I find that folks are sometimes hesitant to delve into the details of that kind of stuff with me because they feel like I might judge them. He stated, “It’s a sign of weakness to demonstrate that you are not mentally feeling fantastic. It’s a perception that you can’t feel a certain way, and that’s a clue that you can’t feel a certain way.” “Many believe that they are unable to ask questions of those who have faced adversity. No. It’s all good. I will gladly share with you as much information as I am able to.”

Joe Root praised Ben Stokes for his honesty in discussing a topic that is frequently viewed as difficult to open up on. Root believed that the current Test captain had “great courage” in doing so, and he credited Stokes with this.

According to what Root had to say, “I believe it’s precisely what you’ve come to see from Ben as a leader.” “What he demands of everyone else is everything that he would be ready to do himself, which is a testament to his honesty. To come up and speak frankly about some of the challenges he has personally faced and the subject matter at hand is, in my opinion, an extraordinary amount of guts and courage.

It’s not easy to see a close friend and teammate go through something like that, but look at him today. We were all there with him when he was going through it. It is wonderful to have him as the captain of this squad, since he makes test cricket an extremely fun sport to both participate in and watch.

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