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Sridharan Sriram has been appointed by Bangladesh to the position of technical consultant

On Friday, the Bangladesh Cricket Board announced that it had recruited Sridharan Sriram to the position of technical consultant for the Bangladesh national side in the shortest format until the T20 World Cup.

Prior to his current role, Sriram served as a coach for the Australian national team for a period of six years beginning in 2016. He has also been a member of the coaching staff for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League. It is expected that he would travel in Dhaka on Sunday in order to begin his new post.

“I bring with me twenty-five years of experience playing cricket, as well as nine years of coaching experience at the highest level.” “I am looking forward to working with the Bangladesh players,” Sriram added. “I am genuinely looking forward to it.” “I think white ball cricket has a vast amount of potential for Bangladesh, and the very prospect of being engaged with such a brilliant bunch of players in two high-profile competitions thrills me,” he said.

BCB president Nazmul Hasan made the following statement regarding the appointment: “We have hired him since he has had experience of working in IPL while the World Cup is in Australia where he has worked for a long time.”

In addition, Nazmul mentioned that Jamie Siddons’ job may shift in the future due to the fact that he will be working on development as a component of the long-term strategy.

He added, “He (Jamie) also wants that to work with the development, but he is travelling with the team and nothing is happening since he cannot develop in such a short period of time.

There is no question that Jamie will represent the United States in the World Cup, but the Asia Cup is still up in the air. “There are a lot of issues that we are working on. If we do not send him in to the Asia Cup, then we will be going without a batting coach. If he goes, then we will not have development in this period. Therefore, there is a trade-off between the two options,” he added.

As they do not know for certain whether Domingo will be with the team in the United Arab Emirates for the Asia Cup this month, Nazmul also dropped hints that they might try split coaching.

He stated that “whether we will have Domingo or not [at the Asia Cup] is something that will be decided on August 22.” “We have to sit with him (Domingo), while we also have to sit with Sriram [and decide],” he explained. “On August 22, we will make a decision as to whether or not we will have Domingo.”

“The strategy calls for Domingo to put his primary focus on one-day internationals and tests. According to him, “we want to divide everything as there are a lot of games, and it is not possible for Domingo to travel for all of the series.” “We want to separate everything since there are a lot of games.”

“Since we have a significant number of T20Is, we feel the need to categorise them. Because the mental approach that is necessary for Twenty20 Internationals is different from that required for Tests and ODIs, we are considering whether or not we can have a distinct coaching team set up for the format. But first, we need to see how well Sriram performs in the Asia Cup and the World Cup. After that, we’ll be able to decide whether or not to bring him on permanently for Twenty20 Internationals, or whether we should look for someone else.

In2023–2027, Bangladesh will have a hectic four-year cycle with up to 150 matches scheduled across all formats.

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