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Shoaib Malik on Shoaib Akhtar’s ‘Babar can’t speak to media’ remark: ‘His statement was not intended to damage anyone’

Shoaib Malik on Shoaib Akhtar's 'Babar can't speak to media' remark: 'His statement was not intended to damage anyone'

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik has addressed the controversy over veteran Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar’s recent remarks against the current Pakistani captain, Babar Azam.

Shoaib Akhtar had lately criticised Babar Azam’s communication abilities with international media representatives and questioned his personality in front of the media. This resulted sparked widespread criticism, with many calling Akhtar “insensitive.”

“His statement was not intended to cause harm. I realised from his statement that he was merely stating that it is a requirement of modern cricket to develop your personality in addition to your cricket talents in order to become a better brand. I am aware that Babar is working on the issues raised by Akhtar,” the 41-year-old told Cricket Pakistan in an exclusive interview.
Akhtar has a pure heart and always speaks positively about others: Malik Malik asserted that Akhtar never intended to harm or disrespect anyone. He added that the 45-year-remarks old’s regarding Babar Azam were grossly exaggerated and that people were making an unnecessary fuss about it. Babar, who is 28 years old, has received the word and is preparing himself for international competition.

Yes, we should accept his [Akhtar’s] opinion, but only if it does not offend the feelings of an individual player. When hearing his phrase, the first thing that came to mind was that he is direct in his communication. He has a pure heart and is always optimistic about others.”

Akhtar’s remarks about Babar Azam’s incapacity to communicate effectively with the media drew a great deal of criticism from the uninformed.

“Cricket is one job, and media relations is another. If you cannot speak, you will not be able to explain yourself on television. I want to state honestly that Babar Azam should be the most popular brand in Pakistan, so why hasn’t he been the most popular brand in Pakistan? Because he is mute,” Akhtar had stated.


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