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Sachin Tendulkar said, “ODI cricket is getting boring.” Ajay Jadeja talks about what Tendulkar said.

Sachin Tendulkar said, "ODI cricket is getting boring." Ajay Jadeja talks about what Tendulkar said.

After India beat Australia by five wickets in the first ODI of the series, legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar said that 50-over cricket is getting boring and suggested several changes to spice it up.

The 49-year-old suggested that a match be split into four parts of 25 overs each. He also said that the current format doesn’t protect spinners. So, the former cricketer wants to see ODI cricket get better in the future to protect it.

Now, after the second ODI between India and Australia, former cricketer Ajay Jadeja made a funny response to Sachin’s ideas by saying that neither team wants to play for 40 overs anymore.
Notably, neither Australia nor India batted for more than 40 overs in any of the games in the current series. Jadeja joked that all the talk about games being predictable and boring is over now because neither team batted for more than 40 overs.

“There is no question that the master has made his point. But the people who have played have learned to deal with that. Between the 15th and 40th overs, they stopped the game. They won’t even go that far. “After the first two ODIs, all the problems we had with being predictable and boring are gone,” Jadeja said on Cricbuzz.

“Tendulkar sahab said that the 15-40 over period is getting boring, and these guys said we won’t even play until the 40th over,” the 52-year-old added.
The way this game was played changed depending on when it was played: Ajay Jadeja
Jadeja also said that One-Day International (ODI) cricket has changed over time. He said that it used to be played with one red ball, but now it is played with two white balls.

Jadeja also said that the 30-yard circle didn’t exist for a long time, but that the governing body added it to make the game more interesting. So, he thinks that the game has kept changing, and the second ODI showed that.

“People of a certain age would remember that there wasn’t always a 30-yard circle for this one-day cricket. You could move each of the nine fielders to the edge of the field.

That got boring, so the idea of the circle was added. Then, to make up for the weather in Australia, two new balls were added. When cricket first started, it was played with a red ball, which changed everything about the game.

During different times, this game has been played in different ways, and different types of teams have won or lost matches. You can’t change science, so the 22 yards and 5 1/2 ounces will stay the same,” he said.

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