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Ross Taylor Says He Could Have Played in the Indian Premier League for Longer If…

Ross Taylor, a former New Zealand batter, first appeared for Royal Challengers Bangalore between the years 2008 and 2010, and then moved on to Rajasthan Royals the following year (2011).

Ross Taylor, a former New Zealand batter, recently published his autobiography under the title ‘Ross Taylor: Black & White.’ In the book, he disclosed a few truths about his path in cricket that were previously undisclosed. Taylor’s IPL career began in 2008 with the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), and he recently said that he would have participated in the competition for a longer period of time if the franchise had bought him in the 2011 edition. After being passed over by RCB, the hitter was signed up by Rajasthan Royals, where he played with the late spin guru of Australia, Shane Warne. RCB eventually released him from his contract.

“Although it was an incredible experience to sell for one million dollars, I would have been better off in the long run if RCB had purchased me for 950,000 dollars instead. If they did, I would have been working for them for the fourth year in a row. There is a certain amount of devotion shown toward long-serving players in the Indian Premier League, which means that I probably would have had a longer IPL career if I had only played for one franchise. On the other hand, if I had remained at RCB, I never would have had the opportunity to play with legends like Virender Sehwag, Shane Warne, Mahela Jayawardene, or Yuvraj Singh “According to what was published on, Taylor spoke about this in his book.

“When you are able to bring in that kind of money, you become quite motivated to demonstrate that it was well spent. Moreover, individuals who are paying you that amount of money have very high expectations of you because that is the nature of professional sports as well as people in general. The management at RCB would have had faith in me even if I’d been having a rough go of it because of what I’d accomplished in the past. I’d “paid my dues” at the company. When you join a different team, you won’t have that support behind you. You are never able to relax because you are always aware that if you go two or three games without scoring, cold-eyed scrutiny will be directed in your direction “he continued his statement.

Earlier, Taylor had mentioned that he had been slapped by one of the owners of Rajasthan Royals. This occurred after he got out for a duck during a steep chase against Punjab Kings, who were formerly known as Kings XI Punjab. Taylor also mentioned that he had been slapped by another owner of Rajasthan Royals. Although he did note that the slaps were not particularly painful, he also stated that he had his doubts about whether or not “it was all play-acting.”

“Rajasthan played Kings XI Punjab in Mohali. The chase lasted 195 yards, and despite my best efforts, we were unable to catch the duck. After the meeting was over, the members of the team, as well as the support personnel and management, went up to the hotel’s top floor bar. Warnie was there with Liz Hurley at the time “a comment by Taylor

“Ross, we didn’t pay you a million dollars to acquire a duck,” one of the Royals owners yelled at me before slapping me across the face three or four times, as stated by Taylor. “We didn’t pay you a million dollars to obtain a duck.”

“Even though he was laughing and the blows weren’t particularly forceful, I’m not fully convinced that he was just acting. Under the circumstances, I wasn’t willing to make a big deal out of it; but, I found it hard to believe that something like that could occur in many professional sporting contexts “the legendary New Zealand batter has written.

Between the years 2008 and 2010, Taylor was a member of Royal Challengers Bangalore. He rejoined RR the next year. After that, he played for the Delhi Capitals, who were once known as the Delhi Daredevils, as well as the Pune Warriors India, which is no longer in existence.

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