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R Ashwin has joined the skipper in criticising the broadcaster for their coverage of “Yet Another Failure for Rohit Sharma,” which was the talk

The captain of the Indian team, Rohit Sharma, expressed his dissatisfaction with the broadcaster of the one-day international series between India and New Zealand.

The commentator made a point of emphasising the fact that this was the veteran batter’s first hundred in the format in three years after Rohit scored his 30th century in the format after he scored his 30th century in the format.

In the post-match press conference, Rohit voiced his displeasure and suggested that the judgement did not portray an accurate picture of the situation because he has only participated in a small number of one-day international matches over the course of the relevant time period.

Now, Ravichandran Ashwin has joined Rohit in calling for a more accurate interpretation of the word “perception.”

“Rohit Sharma brought up an interesting point about broadcasters, stating that they ought to be responsible when it comes to disseminating facts to the general public.

R Ashwin stated the following in a video that was uploaded to his YouTube channel: “I have spoken a lot about this perspective, how it can crystallise into an idea.”

“If you keep on telling the supporters that there was a three-year gap, or a four-year gap, they know what’s the truth. Fans who are keen, selectors, and those who are a part of the system.

If you had to impose such facts upon a common person, though, they would likely respond by saying something along the lines of “yes, he hasn’t scored runs.” There are a lot of brand new ones scoring. “Get rid of him,” was his opinion.

According to Ashwin, Rohit did the right thing by bringing the issue to the attention of the broadcaster. He said that the broadcaster ought to promote such ‘facts’ in a more responsible manner.

The seasoned off-spinner also mentioned how deadly Rohit has been in the 50-over format, highlighting the fact that he scored five hundreds during the 2019 World Cup.

Because of this, Rohit Sharma suggested that the broadcasters should handle such matters with more responsibility.

“During the World Cup in 2019, he scored hundred after hundred after hundred. During the One-Day International World Cup, he was the best player overall.

Ashwin has stated that there is nothing that can be said about Rohit Sharma’s performance in limited-overs cricket during the past ten to fifteen years.

In point of fact, he had scored 34 out of a possible 38. He assumed leadership and immediately began attacking the bowlers of the other team. It was easier for his batting partners thanks to his efforts.

Even while they were discussing the innings, all anyone could speak about was how this was Rohit Sharma’s “yet another failure.” It took me by surprise,” Ashwin continued to say.

As a result of the selectors deciding to give more playing time to younger players in Twenty20 Internationals, Rohit will now be used in the next four-match Test series against Australia.

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