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One of Pakistan’s former captains explains the team’s home field disadvantage to India’s by saying, “You could see fear…”

According to Salman Butt, a former captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, India’s team strategy is more transparent than that of their bitter rivals, Pakistan, regardless of the game’s format.

His remarks came after India defeated New Zealand in the third Twenty20 International by a score of 168 runs on Wednesday. New Zealand, who were touring India on the heels of a 2-1 One-Day International series win in Pakistan, were outclassed by a young side after winning the first game of the series.

Butt responded that India have a more “assured and clear” way of thinking, in response to a question about whether or not New Zealand played a better team than Pakistan.

“The opposition in New Zealand is one that is self-assured and transparent in its reasoning. They have a large pool of players to choose from, and their players are given opportunities to compete at the international level, whether on the ‘A’ team or in first-class cricket.

They have been given more opportunities with each game. There was a lack of coherence in thought displayed by Pakistan’s play during their home season “Butt stated on his own channel on YouTube.

Butt went on to point out that Pakistan’s decisions were driven by “fear,” which resulted in the team’s failure during the 2022 home season.

“You could see the effects of their fear in the choices they made. When you play with the dread of failing, you will never get the results you want, and Pakistan’s home season season demonstrated that this is true.

There was fear, and fear was the driving factor behind every decision that was made. At this point, it was made abundantly clear who would play and at what number they would play.

It was simply an additional tier of clarity regarding India. Due to the aggressive nature of England’s play, there was no room for error there “he added.

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