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Mukesh Ambani and Sundar Pichai join Ravi Shastri to watch a cricket match. See the image below for more information

On Tuesday, the former head coach posted a picture on social media with Mukesh Ambani & Sundar Pichai while the three of them were at the Lord’s Cricket Ground watching a cricket match.

Ravi Shastri, who was formerly the head coach of Team India, is currently in the United Kingdom working as a commentator for Sky Sports during the Hundred’s second iteration, which is currently underway. Shastri, Mukesh Ambani, and Sundar Pichai were all there at the game that was being played at the Lord’s Cricket Ground not too long ago. On Tuesday, the previous head coach posted a picture on social media featuring himself alongside Ambani and Pichai. Shastri took to Twitter, where he captioned the photo with the following: “In the esteemed company of two individuals who are passionate about cricket.

While Mukesh Ambani serves as the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries Limited, Sundar Pichai runs Google as the company’s chief executive officer.

Earlier, Shastri had expressed support for cutting the amount of overs played in one-day internationals (ODIs), stating that the current standard of playing 50 overs in ODIs had been in place for far too long.

During Shastri’s appearance as a commentator on FanCode for the second one-day international match between India and the West Indies, he said: “There is no downside to cutting down on the length of time the game lasts. Initially, there were sixty overs in one-day internationals. In 1983, when we were crowned world champions, there were 60 overs played. After that, many individuals believed that 60 overs was a bit too much time to play. People had a difficult time processing the information across that stretch of overs, which ranged from 20 to 40. Therefore, they decreased it from sixty to fifty.

“Now that several years have passed since that decision, why not cut it from fifty percent to forty percent now? Because in order to progress, you need to think in a forward direction. It had been there for 50 for far too long “he continued.

Earlier, Shastri had said that just the best six teams should be allowed to compete in cricket’s Test matches, while the popularity of the game may be increased by playing it with a white ball in more countries.

“If you want to ensure the longevity of test cricket, you can’t have ten or twelve teams competing. Maintain the top six, strive to maintain the high level of play, and give priority to quality over quantity. The only way to allow other forms of cricket to be played is to do so, therefore that’s what you have to do. If you want to make the game more popular, you should increase the number of teams competing in Twenty20 and one-day cricket, but you should reduce the number of teams competing in tests. If you do this, it will not matter if England does not travel to the West Indies or if the West Indies do not travel to England “On Sky Sports, Shastri was quoted as saying.

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