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Just being regarded as the leader in the dressing room is a good thing: ollie Pope

Just being regarded as the leader in the dressing room is a good thing: ollie  Pope

Ollie Pope has long been regarded as a potential dressing-room leader because of his support of international cricket. Stuart Broad, a legendary England pacer, recently acknowledged this and said that the 25-year-old has a wonderful cricket mind and speaks exceptionally well in team meetings. As a result, Broad thinks the Middlesex-born player can lead England in the future.

The middle-order hitter remarked that he feels overjoyed to be recognised as a team leader while speaking about the same. Additionally, he disclosed that Ben Stokes, the Test captain, occasionally has conversations with him and other senior players in the locker room to reach decisions. The batsman went on to say that Stokes and head coach Brendon McCullum are succeeding admirably and have fostered the development of young players in their system.

Although the position of captain is unnamed, it may be a future consideration. Being regarded as a leader in that dressing room is simply a fantastic thing. Ben Stokes is the captain and is quite clear about how he wants to run things, but he occasionally approaches me and bounces ideas off of me. He also does this with some of the really seasoned players in the changing room.
“Stokesy and Baz (Brendon) McCullum have been fantastic. They have given us young players room to develop, and I believe that today we all feel like we are part of the same team. If it ever happens, fine, I’ll make sure I study as much as I can now. I’m simply going to keep working on that cricket brain. At the same time, I become aware of the size of the job I still have at number three. Who knows what lies in store for me if I can continue to impress there? In advance of England’s first Test match against New Zealand on February 16, Pope was quoted by

As a batting unit, we don’t worry about being dismissed right now: Pope

Test cricket has undergone a dramatic upheaval since Ben Stokes and Brendon McCullum assumed control of the England red-ball squad. They are engaging in a bold kind of cricket, and as a result, they have won nine of their last 10 games in the game’s longest format.

Stumper-batter Ollie Pope said that they had success in this style because they are not afraid to venture outside of their comfort zone.
“As a batting unit, we no longer fear being dismissed. We probably spent too much time worrying about our strategies and how the bowler would get us out. For all of us, Stokesy and Baz have done an outstanding job of demystifying Test cricket. In the end, it’s just a ball going your way. Stop obsessing over where your hands are and how your head is positioned.



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