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John Blain will remain his job despite racism allegations.

John Blain will remain his job despite racism allegations.

Azeem Rafiq, a former Yorkshire cricketer, has accused various individuals of racism, including former England captain Michael Vaughan.

Rafiq recently accused Vaughan of racism, but those charges were dismissed and the former England captain was found not guilty because Rafiq was confused when he heard the group uttering racial comments. The case resulted in a verdict of “not proven.”

John Blain, a prominent Scottish cricket coach, is also one of the individuals involved in the racism lawsuit. The 44-year-old was allegedly bigoted toward Pakistani athletes.

Blain was permitted to retain his position as director of cricket at Edinburgh’s prestigious Grange Cricket Club after being charged of racism and found guilty by the disciplinary committee last week.

John frequently used the term ‘P**i’: Rafiq Azeem Rafiq stepped forward to discuss the incident with John Blain. The 32-year-old discussed Blain’s previous statements and how they were ultimately justified.

“John frequently used the term ‘P**i’. He stated it directly to me about other individuals and attempted to excuse it by comparing it to the term ‘Brit’. I cannot identify specific matches or occasions on which he used the word “P**i” because he used it so frequently and it was such a common part of his vocabulary, however I do recall that he used it when we were practicing at Headingley “The Daily Record cited Rafiq as claiming that.

“John referred to Pakistanis as “Pakis” while we were discussing players in the Yorkshire League at the time…

Rather than apologize or discontinue using the term “P**i,” John just compared it to calling a person of British descent a “Brit.” “he added.

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