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Javed Miandad attacks the ICC for the BCCI’s decision to boycott Pakistan for the Asia Cup, saying: “It is the ICC’s responsibility to ensure that India comes.”

Javed Miandad attacks the ICC for the BCCI's decision to boycott Pakistan for the Asia Cup, saying: "It is the ICC's responsibility to ensure that India comes."

The hosts for the 2023 Asia Cup were not decided upon during a recent meeting of the Asian Cricket Council.

Javed Miandad, a former captain of Pakistan, has responded forcefully to the ongoing debate over who will host the 2023 Asia Cup. Reports suggest that the tournament may now be organised in the UAE rather than Pakistan, with Pakistan still holding the right to be the event’s official host, as no final decision was made at the recent Asian Cricket Council (ACC) conference.

The Asia Cup may be moved out of Pakistan and held abroad as a result of the BCCI’s stance against travelling there to play in the competition. The matter will finally be decided, though, in March.

Following the ACC meeting, the organisation issued the following statement: “The approaching Asia Cup 2023 was discussed in a positive way by the ACC. The Board decided to continue deliberations on procedures, schedules, and any other particulars in order to guarantee the tournament’s success “according to India Today.

The 65-year-old Miandad was not shy about criticising the ICC for failing to take action against India regarding the BCCI’s stance on not travelling to Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023 due to the political tensions between the two countries. He said India can go to hell if they don’t want to come to Pakistan. Miandad was speaking about the same at a media event in Pakistan.

“India can go to hell if they don’t want to visit Pakistan, as I have previously stated. We are not bothered by it. The ICC’s responsibility is to make sure India shows up. What good is it for the ICC to be in charge if they can’t control it? The ICC needs to act decisively. If they are unable to manage these factors, why is it there? They must put an end to the situation. The ICC should act to address issues of this nature, “According to Miandad and India Today.

Additionally, he stated that the BCCI does not oversee cricket and that all teams should be subject to the same rules. Additionally, he implied that if India went to Pakistan and lost, the Indian population would not be able to tolerate it. The BCCI has consistently insisted that it will adhere to any regulations concerning travel to Pakistan enforced by the Indian government.


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