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It’s likely that I’ve picked up right where I left off: Deepak Chahar

Deepak Chahar’s comeback to the Indian team, which took place in the first one-day international match against Zimbabwe in Harare, went off without a hitch despite the fact that he had been sidelined for the previous six months due to an injury. According to the fast bowler himself, he continued his performance from where he had left off, as he concluded his spell with a score of 3 for 27 in 7 overs.

Chahar’s return comes at a crucial moment for India as they attempt to finalise their squad for the Twenty20 World Cup, which will begin in October. Chahar has also been nominated to the list of reserves for the forthcoming Asia Cup, which will take place later this month. Chahar, who has demonstrated that he is a perfect T20 bowler throughout his time with CSK and the national team, believes that his selection for the showcase event is not in his control but that he is feeling fit on return as he unfurled his typical new-ball skills. Chahar’s return came as he displayed his typical new-ball skills.

“That [participant selection for the World Cup] is not in my control. On the other hand, I have put in a lot of effort to improve my skills “Chahar made the statement after India won the match in Harare by ten wickets. “I am able to claim that I have probably picked up right where I had left off there. After the first over, during which I had trouble with my run-up, the rest of the over didn’t matter to me; I was satisfied with my bowling. It was a spell consisting of seven overs, so the fitness level is good.”

Although the format was new, Chahar’s plan of action was not; he intended to use the early swing to make as many inroads as possible. Although the format was different, Chahar’s plan of action was not. He was successful in achieving that goal as he was responsible for three of the four wickets that fell by the 11th over – and he took responsibility for two of those wickets by bowling full lengths with a hint of movement.

Chahar stated, “My plan is usually quite straightforward.” “When the ball is swinging in your direction, you should make an effort to bowl at a fuller length and take as many wickets as you can. If the ball is not moving in the desired direction, then it is time to switch to Plan B or Plan C. Today, when I bowled, it swung for six or seven overs, so I had a simple game plan: bowl full, change up the swing, and throw the batsmen off their game “Chahar remarked.

Chahar was confident that he would be able to make a comeback in this series after he had completed his rehabilitation, so he started putting in the necessary work to prepare for it. “I had anticipated that I would be making a comeback in this series, and as a result, I began to prepare my body for it. I participated in all of the practise games and bowled over six over my target score. When I first started bowling, I bowled six overs during the first practise session I had. When you are aware that you will be playing one-day matches, your workload will always be similar to that. So before I got here, I bowled 10 overs in two or three practise matches that I played before I left “he added.

Chahar acknowledged that it is “tough” to create his way back into such a competitive system, despite the fact that his comeback to the team went off without a hitch, that he is feeling sharp in terms of fitness, and that he is among the wickets.

Chahar acknowledged the challenges associated with coming back to a place after being absent for a significant amount of time by stating, “It’s difficult.”

“You need to carve out a new spot for yourself on the team. Because while you are gone for an extended period of time, others have the opportunity to step up their game and earn a spot on the team. You will need to demonstrate strong performance in order to regain your position on the side. Therefore, a returning player is always subjected to this pressure. Because a player only has control over his own performance, I went into this competition with the expectation that I would perform well upon my return.”

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