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In ODIs, Ravi Shastri favours cutting the number of overs from 50 to 40: You must adapt and think strategically.

In order to maintain the structure, one-day internationals could be cut from 50 to 40 overs, according to former India coach Ravi Shastri.


Ben Stokes’ withdrawal from one-day cricket has raised questions about the future of the game.

Shastri remarked that reducing the format wouldn’t do any harm.

The former India coach said that the 50-man limit for ODIs has been in place for far too long.

In order to maintain the format, former India head coach Ravi Shastri has recommended that an ODI game’s 50 overs be cut to 40. He stated that the organisers ought to be progressive and developing.

Following Ben Stokes’ resignation from the 50-over format, many people began to question how ODIs will continue to be played in the future. The format has already been called for to be removed as from international calendar by legends like Wasim Akram.

Shahid Afridi was the most recent to criticise the format; when Stokes retired, he told Samaa TV that the match should be cut short to create an amazing.4

Shastri had a similar viewpoint on Supporter Code during the second One-Day International between India and the West Indies, saying that shortening the game’s duration wouldn’t be detrimental. The structure has stuck at 50 for far too long, he said, so the game’s organisers need to be progressive and change as time goes on.

“Shortening the game’s duration is not harmful. One-day cricket originally consisted of 60 overs. It had 60 overs after we won the Tournament in 1983. Following that, some began to feel that 60 overs were a little excessive. People found it difficult to comprehend that range of overs between 20 and 40. As a result, they cut this from 60 to 50.

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