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“I rate Babar Azam second in the world,” says Shane Watson, “and I rate this Indian batsman as my top pick.”

Babar Azam is currently ranked first among batters in ODIs and T20 Internationals by the ICC, while he is ranked third among batters in Tests. According to Shane Watson, Virat Kohli is the best batter in the Test format.

Many cricket experts believe that Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team, is the best hitter in the world at the moment because of his consistent growth in the world of cricket. Babar is now ranked first among batters for both ODIs and T20 Internationals by the ICC, while he is ranked third for Test matches.

He is the only hitter to be ranked in the top three in any of the three formats in which the game is played. Additionally, he is being compared to Virat Kohli, who was formerly the captain of India. On the other hand, during an interview with Isa Guha for the ICC Review, Shane Watson referred to Virat Kohli as the best batter in the Test format.

In a related note, Kohli is currently ranked so low in Tests according to the official ICC rankings that he is not even in the top 10.

“When it comes to cricket played in a test match, my vote would always go to Virat Kohli. His capacity to merely maintain that range, and the fact that he continues to demonstrate that capacity across all media. Every time he competes for India, he brings an incredible level of intensity with him to the field. Therefore, in the game of cricket known as the Test, the answer is yes, Virat Kohli “Watson replied.

“One thing to note about Steve Smith is that he has begun to lose some of his edge in recent games. It would appear that Steve Smith is not exerting the same level of pressure on the bowlers as he did when he was performing at the pinnacle of his abilities. As a result, Steve has moved down the list a little bit on my personal priority scale. Babar Azam is currently performing at an astoundingly high level. We need to see how well he has adapted his game to the format of the test match.

Therefore, Babar Azam most likely holds the position of No. 2 at this time. Kane Williamson, who has had some elbow problems in the past, is extremely knowledgeable about his sport. He is able to exert pressure on bowlers regardless of the conditions. Joe Root is an experienced player who has spent some time in a role similar to that of Steve Smith.”

Kohli has competed in a total of 102 tests, accumulating 8074 runs at a rate of 49.53 runs per test, whereas Babar has competed in 42 tests, accumulating 3122 runs at a rate of 47.30 runs per test.

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