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“I don’t know about any Urvashi,” said Naseem Shah when asked about a Bollywood actor

An Instagram reel that featured Pakistani pacer Naseem Shah was recently published by Bollywood actor Urvashi Rautela. Atif Aslam’s song “Koi Tujhko Na Mujhse Chura Le” was playing in the background of the video that Rautela released, and she could be seen in the video having a good time while watching the India vs. Pakistan match on September 4. There were also some brief glimpses of Naseem Shah in the video. Shortly after that, she removed the video, but internet users ensured that it would still become viral.

Naseem Shah was questioned about Urvashi Rautela prior to the final match of the Asia Cup 2022, and he responded by saying that “he doesn’t know her.” The match was between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Ahead of the Asia Cup 2022 final between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Naseem Shah was interrogated about Urvashi Rautela and to the particular topic, he replied: “I am laughing at your question. I am not familiar with the name Urvashi.

I am simply concerned with winning my match. People regularly send me videos, but I can’t make heads or tails of them. I don’t have anything exceptional going for me, but I want to thank the fans who show a lot of respect by coming to watch cricket.”

Naseem Shah has been playing exceptionally well for Pakistan at the Asia Cup, which is now happening. He hit two sixes on back-to-back balls in the final over to lead Pakistan over the line and win the match for his team against Afghanistan. This allowed Pakistan to win by one wicket and win the match for their side.

When Urvashi Rautela attended yet another India vs. Pakistan match in Dubai, she was once again linked to the Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant, which ignited a meme storm on social media.

This came about as a result of her statements in an interview she gave in August to a well-known entertainment website, in which she stated that a certain “RP” waited for her for ten hours in a hotel lobby so that they could meet while she was sleeping.

The following is what Rishabh Pant wrote on his Instagram story at that time, which he then removed after a few hours “It’s quite funny how people will lie in interviews for the sake of gaining a little bit of notoriety and getting their names in the press. It’s sad to see how some people are obsessed with gaining notoriety and popularity. I pray that God will bless them “.

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