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Hardik Pandya, in a series of tweets titled “Shocker Of A Wicket…”, criticised the pitches used in the New Zealand Twenty20 Internationals

On Sunday, India’s captain Hardik Pandya criticised the quality of the pitches that have been used in the present series against New Zealand. He referred to the track that was built for the second Twenty20 international as a “shocker.”

In the first Twenty20 international that was played in Ranchi, the ball spun, and the same thing happened on Sunday, when New Zealand was held to 99 for eight.

India was successful in their pursuit of the aim with only one ball remaining. To tell you the truth, that wicket was a complete and utter disaster. Both of the games that we have participated in up to this point.

After the win that tied the series against New Zealand, Hardik remarked after the game that “I don’t mind challenging wickets.”

“I have no problem with that at all, but these two wickets were not designed to accommodate Twenty20.” At some point in the future, the custodians of the grounds that we are going to play in should make it a point to ensure that the pitches are prepared early.

Aside from that, I’m in a good mood. Even scoring 120 points would have been enough to win the game, he added.

On Wednesday, the game that will decide the series will take place in Ahmedabad. “I have never doubted that we will be able to win the game, but it did not end until a very late hour. All of these games are significant given the circumstances.

There is no need for alarm because the situation was more about rotating the strike than it was about taking the pressure. That is precisely what we ended up doing. “We didn’t deviate from our fundamentals,” he stated in reference to the stressful conclusion.

He continued by commenting on the remarkable performance of the bowlers by saying, “They kept to their strategies and ensured that they (New Zealand) did not rotate the strike.” We kept turning the spinners over and again. There wasn’t much of a role for dew in this at all.

They had a greater capacity to spin the ball than we did. It was proceeding smoothly throughout.” Mitchell Santer, the captain of New Zealand, stated that a score of 120 may have been a winning total on the surface.

“What a fantastic game of cricket that was! The bowlers did an excellent job to get it within such striking distance. If we had received an additional 10 or 15, it could have been enough to make the difference. The level of composure that Surya and Hardik displayed in order to get them across the finish line was impressive.

“We bowled between 16 and 17 overs of spin, which was unquestionably something new. Given the bounce that was present, it appeared to be difficult. You are unsure of what a reasonable total should be. According to Santner, a score of 120 may have been considered satisfactory.

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