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Following the organization’s handling of racism, Cricket Scotland’s chairman Anjan Luthra resigns.

Following the organization's handling of racism, Cricket Scotland's chairman Anjan Luthra resigns.

Anjan Luthra, the chairman of Cricket Scotland, announced his resignation on Friday, March 30. He left Cricket Scotland’s anti-racism and Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion advisory panels earlier this week following a spate of resignations brought on by the failure to make headway against prejudice. Importantly, the entire board had resigned previously following the conclusion of a study into racism at Cricket Scotland.

Via Twitter, Cricket Scotland declared that Luthra has resigned from his job effective immediately. The board also expressed its gratitude to him for his cooperation.

Anjan Luthra has resigned as chair of Cricket Scotland with immediate effect, the organization has announced. The organisation thanks Anjan for his hard work and input throughout his time as Chair,” Cricket Scotland said.
In the meantime, Luthra made the announcement that he was leaving his positions as director and chair of Cricket Scotland Limited. He delivered a letter of resignation to Cricket Scotland and shared his resignation announcement on Twitter.

“I have given notice that I will no longer be serving as Chair and Director of Cricket Scotland Limited. The truth needs to be told to the Scottish cricket community, Luthra wrote in a tweet.
He made it clear in his lengthy letter of resignation that he was unwilling to continue working for Cricket Scotland Ltd. He added that he vehemently disagrees with how Scotland runs the sport. He added that he cares about the sport and that he is devastated to resign.

“I am resigning from my role as chair and director of Cricket Scotland Limited with immediate effect. I vehemently object to how sports Scotland is managing the sport. The letter of resignation stated, “I feel their top goal is to appease the demands of a lobby organization and a few people affiliated with them, even if doing so will have a detrimental effect on the larger sport and community.

“It would be sad to leave this position. I honestly worked hard with the team to improve the sport because I care about it, the letter continued.

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