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England’s batting coach Marcus Trescothick thinks on Bazball’s approach: “There is a bit more method to the craziness.”

England's batting coach Marcus Trescothick thinks on Bazball's approach: "There is a bit more method to the craziness."

Marcus Trescothick, the batting coach for England, discussed Brendon McCullum’s and Ben Stokes’ Bazball-based offensive strategies. He stated that the primary objective of this offensive strategy is to exert pressure on bowlers. Recently, England defeated New Zealand by 267 runs in the pink ball Test, marking their tenth victory in eleven Tests.

“There is a modicum of method to the insanity. It is not as simple as saying, “Let’s go all out and be extremely aggressive.” The mantra is to exert pressure on bowlers and look for opportunities to advance the game, Trescothick explained on SENZ radio.

The batting coach stated that the Bazball was introduced by head coach McCullum and has altered the way of play. In addition, he stated that Ben Stokes has always wished for his team to play from a distinct standpoint, echoing the many viewpoints of the head coach.

Marcus Trescothick on McCullum’s influence on the team: “Brendon is aiming to evolve the team’s strategy.”
“It began when Brendon joined the squad and attempted to modify its strategy.” Ben Stokes, the captain, is also seeking to do things slightly differently to give the team a different perspective and approach to the game, according to Trescothick.

“I think encouraging them to be more aggressive and a bit more free, which then allows us as coaches to follow through on that philosophy and keep pushing the guys towards the danger, if you will, and keep pushing them to try and find different approaches, find a different way to play this game,” he added.

Prior to McCullum’s appointment as coach, the England squad was experiencing a difficult period. In 2021, England lost nine Tests, more than any other side in Test cricket history. In May of 2022, the former New Zealand cricketer was named head coach. During his appointment, the team won ten of eleven Test matches. Trescothick was effusive in his acclaim for McCullum, adding that 10 victories for a squad that had endured its toughest phase is quite an accomplishment.

“There was a moment in the past where things didn’t go so well, but we needed to advance the game, so now it’s kind of breeding itself. The men have had success doing that, and they are identifying and pursuing situations where they can be a bit more aggressive. The pudding has already been eaten. We’ve won 10 of our last 11 games in a row, which is fairly fantastic for what we’re trying to do,” he remarked.

“It’s fantastic to see it trickling down from us at the top to the Lions and, ideally, county cricket as well. I believe that we are in a position to accomplish this as summer approaches. Excitingly, I believe we have a terrific crop of fast bowlers coming through England at the moment,” added the former England opener.


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