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During the Zimbabwe ODI, a fan approached Shikhar Dhawan and asked for his “shirt.” See His Totally Hilarious Response Here!

A man can be seen in a video that has gone viral holding a sign that reads, “Shikhar, Can I have yo shirt?” the man is requesting the shirt from Shikhar. While Dhawan is seated in the dugout for the same game, he appears to be on the verge of taking off his top in the same footage.

Both on and off the cricket field, Shikhar Dhawan is a jovial and entertaining personality. He frequently shares entertaining content on social media, and his antics out on the field can also be extremely humorous at times. A similar situation occurred in the last one-day international match in the three-match series that India played against Zimbabwe, where Dhawan serves as the vice-captain of the Indian cricket team.

Dhawan was seen donning a jersey in a video that was shared on social media in which his name was omitted from the back of the garment. Instead, it was taped over the spot where the name of the player is typically printed. This is the standard practise.

In the same video, one can see a man holding a sign that reads, “Shikhar, Can I have yo shirt?” the man asks Shikhar for permission to take the shirt. While Dhawan is seated in the dugout, it is possible to see in the same footage that he is getting ready to take off his shirt.

In the third and final one-day international against Zimbabwe, which took place on Monday, India reached 289 for eight thanks to Shubman Gill’s all-class performance on his way to scoring his first hundred at the international level. The partnership between Gill (130 runs off 97 balls) and Ishan Kishan (50 runs off 61 balls) was worth 140 runs before Kishan was eventually run out in an unexpected manner.

The Indian innings was very forgettable, with the exception of the stand that was played out between Gill and Kishan. During his innings, which consisted of 15 fours and a six, Gill, who was making his comeback in one-day internationals with the series against the West Indies, was a sight to behold. The 22-year-old played a wide variety of strokes, but his cover drives and straight drives were particularly impressive.

Before Gill reached the milestone, he went through the 1990s with more than a few anxious moments.

Evans made a close appeal for a leg before decision, but the DRS was overturned after UltraEdge demonstrated that the ball had touched Gill’s bat before crashing into the pads. Kishan, on the other hand, was run out at the other end on the same ball after he left his crease for a quick single, although Gill was busy with the appeal at the time.

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