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Cricket Australia Introduces a Five-Year Strategic Plan to Improve the “Financial Sustainability” of the Game

Cricket Australia said on Monday that it has produced a new five-year strategic plan for cricket in the country. The strategy is intended to improve the financial viability of the game over the long term.

Cricket Australia announced on Monday that it has released a new five-year strategic plan for cricket in the country. The plan is intended to improve the long-term financial sustainability of the game, significantly increase participation, and ensure that cricket continues to be at the centre of Australian life. “Where the Game Grows” is founded on the unwavering conviction that cricket is in fact a game that can be played by anybody and that it possesses a remarkable capacity to bring people together and contribute to the betterment of society, both on and off the field.

According to an official statement, this initiative “celebrates and respects cricket’s proud history while looking positively towards the future.” Additionally, it “seeks to drive bold, transformative change in digital experiences, junior participation, inclusion, gender equality, sustainability, reimagining the W/BBL, connection through storytelling, and playing a part in developing the game globally.”

Following intensive engagement with thousands of cricket fans and hundreds of other stakeholders from throughout the sport, four interconnected strategic pillars comprising 10 strategic priorities each were produced. These pillars will be used to guide cricket’s future.

Brilliant Experiences, Participation Growth, Inspirational Players and Teams, and Sustainable Future are the four pillars that reflect the priorities of Australian Cricket, which are to strengthen the engagement between fans and players, continue to produce world-class teams, establish a framework for the game’s positive social impact, and establish a strong and innovative business model.

Chief Executive Officer of Cricket Australia, Nick Hockley, made the following statement: “We are extremely proud of the manner in which Australian Cricket has continued to develop and innovate, and in particular of the manner in which it has responded to the enormous challenges posed by the pandemic. Because of this, we have even more faith that we will be able to accomplish the lofty goals that have been outlined in the updated strategic plan for the next five years.”

“Cricket is undergoing rapid change, and along with it, the modes in which it is played, watched, and consumed are also undergoing change. This strategy includes both a vision and a clear plan for how we can achieve significant, game-changing transformation while also living up to our fundamental obligations “he added.

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