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As Rohit Sharma puts it, “Fantastic because…” India will have 6-7 captains by 2022

Rohit Sharma, the team’s regular captain, was recently quoted as saying that it is wonderful that the team now had so many captains within the group.

The year 2022 was a difficult one for Team India because, as a result of injuries and improper management of workloads, the team went through 6-7 different captains. Rishabh Pant, Hardik Pandya, and Shikhar Dhawan are examples of Indian players who have captained the team in one of the white-ball forms. Beginning on August 18, Dhawan will once again serve as the captain of the side for the one-day international series that will be played against Zimbabwe. Rohit Sharma, the team’s regular captain, was recently quoted as saying that it is wonderful that the team now had so many captains within the group.

“I believe that having that kind of leadership is quite important, but obviously, you know that we play in the Indian Premier League, which is a 10-team tournament. According to what Rohit mentioned on the Star Sports show “Follow The Blues,” there will be a total of ten captains, each of whom will eventually be a member of the Indian team.

“You know, I think it’s amazing because honestly, my job is much lesser as these folks understand everything very well. I think that’s why it’s so fantastic. Therefore, if someone has a thought, the question that needs to be answered is how that thought may be supported. This is my responsibility as captain, and it’s something I’m working hard to do,” he continued.

Rohit Sharma responded as follows when asked about his experiences as captain of the team when there were so many young leaders: “I know it’s extremely exciting honestly to develop so many representatives around the team because it’s always a good indicator.” You need the individuals who are able to manage the pressure, who are knowledgeable about the game, and who are familiar with each other. And when they are in charge of the squad, all of these things are more likely to occur.”

Towards the end of this month, Team India will compete in the Asia Cup, and the team’s first match will be on August 28 versus Pakistan in Dubai.

“If the message about where the team is attempting to head is clear from the captain and the coach, then the individuals will absolutely try to do that.” They require freedom as well as clarity in order for it to take place, and we are working to provide both of those things for them. The statement was made by Rohit that “we are attempting to offer them as much freedom as possible.”

After India’s victory in the Twenty20 World Cup in 2021, Rohit took over as captain of the white-ball cricket team. Earlier in the year 2022, Rohit was promoted to the position of Test captain after Virat Kohli resigned in the aftermath of a disappointing performance against South Africa.

The recently concluded ODI and T20I series between India and England was won by Team India under Rohit’s leadership. This year’s Twenty20 World Cup will be held in Australia, and India and Pakistan are scheduled to face each other at the Melbourne Cricket Ground during the tournament.

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