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An ex-Pakistani captain’s scathing response to an Australia great’s “pitch remark” was, “Shouldn’t Talk About What’s Fair”

Salman Butt, a former captain of Pakistan’s cricket team and hitter, has lashed out at the Australian cricket team and Ian Healy for Healy’s contentious statement regarding the conditions of Indian cricket grounds.

The first of four matches in a test series between Australia and India will take place on February 9 in Nagpur. The series will be hosted by India.

According to what Healy had previously stated, if India provided a “fair pitch” in which there is constant spin and the ball does not “jump crazily and slide down low from day one,” then Australia will finish up on the winning side of the match.

The former wicketkeeper and batter for Australia said that if a “unfair surface” is used, India would perform better than the visiting team in those conditions. He said this while he was in Australia.

In response to Healy’s assertion, Butt pointed out that the Australian team has a pattern of whining and claiming that the pitches are unfair if the conditions aren’t in their favour.

“When teams from the subcontinent visit Australia, they do not grumble about the conditions of the pitches. They do not claim that there is an unfair advantage in the form of additional bounce pitch.

You will need to adapt to the various situations that are present in the homes you visit. In the same way that teams struggle when playing against spin, they also struggle while playing in Perth. Therefore, you shouldn’t discuss what’s fair or what’s not fair.

The presentation is producing positive outcomes. If the opposing side is victorious while competing against you on the same field, this indicates that they are performing better than you are “saying so on his official channel on YouTube, Butt stated.

“But ye aadat bhi hai. It is not fair to treat them that way because it is not in their habit to do so. If they are unable to comprehend the pitch, they will argue that it is unjust “he added.

Earlier, in response to Healy’s statement, Ashwin had mentioned that the forthcoming Border-Gavaskar Trophy need a certain kind of’spark’ to make it interesting.

After deciding not to participate in any practise matches, the touring Australian cricket team is currently conducting their workouts at the Karnataka Cricket Association Stadium pitch in Alur.

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