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After their team’s defeat in the Asia Cup, angry fans from Afghanistan threw chairs at fans from Pakistan

During the Asia Cup 2022 match between Pakistan and Afghanistan, chaos broke out in Sharjah as Afghanistan supporters began to shatter and hurl chairs after their side was defeated by Pakistan in a nail-biting match.
The Asia Cup Super 4 encounter between Afghanistan and Pakistan will always be recognised as one of the most entertaining T20 contests ever played. The competition included a number of highs and lows, but in the end, Pakistan emerged victorious with a single wicket to spare.

Naseem Shah, a bowler, stole the show by smacking the first two balls of the championship game for sixes, so ensuring that his team would have a spot in the championship game. However, after the game, very violent scenes played out inside the stadium. Fans of Afghanistan were spotted breaking chairs, and there was even a scuffle between fans supporting Afghanistan and Pakistan. These events took place after the match.

Shoaib Akhtar, a former bowler for Pakistan, uploaded a video of the commotion to Twitter and captioned it with the following: “The supporters in Afghanistan are acting in this manner. This is something that they have done in the past on a number of occasions.

This is a game and it’s supposed to be played and treated in the correct spirit.

@ShafiqStanikzai If you and your players want to go to higher levels in the sport, both your fans and your players need to gain some knowledge.”

It is significant to point out that Akhtar tagged Shafiq Stanikzai in his post, as Shafiq Stanikzai was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of the Afghanistan Cricket Board.

The following is what Stanikzai said in response to Akhtar’s tweet: “You have no control over the feelings of the spectators, and incidents like these have occurred multiple times in the history of cricket; you should inquire with Kabir Khan, Inzimam Bhai, and @iRashidLatif68 about how we dealt with them. Please take this piece of advise into consideration for the future time: baat ko nation pe Mat lena.”

During the match between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Afghanistan batted first and produced a score of 129/6 in 20 overs. Pakistan’s score was 209. At one point, with the score at 87/3 in the 16th over, Pakistan appeared to be well on their way to achieving their target of 130. After that point, Pakistan’s performance deteriorated to the point where they reached 118/9 in the penultimate over.

Naseem Shah was the one who saved Pakistan when they needed 11 runs to win in the final over. He was the one who turned out to be the hero.

It is also crucial to note that after the Pakistan batsman was dismissed in the second to last over of the game, Pakistan’s Asif Ali and Afghanistan’s Fareed Ahmad Malik got into an altercation with one other. This happened after the Pakistan hitter was out of the game.

Ali came dangerously close to hitting the Afghanistan pacer with his bat, and tensions could be seen rising as a result.

Following the victory that ensured Pakistan’s spot in the Asia Cup final, the Pakistani players celebrated in an ecstatic manner, and Sharjah witnessed some wild scenes as a result.

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