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After the COVID-19 , Australian cricketers fear a generational gap

The coronavirus epidemic has resulted in a 15,000 drop in the number of youngsters participating in junior cricket programmes, which could lead to a “lost generation” of cricketers.

The coronavirus epidemic has resulted in a “missing generation” of children taking up cricket in Australia, with the number of first-time participants in junior programmes falling by 15,000 last season. Cricket Australia’s annual survey found a concerning decrease in the number of youngsters aged 12 and under participating in the sport during the 2021-22 Australian season.


There is a pressing need to improve involvement among children aged 5 to 12, and the governing body of Australian cricket declared as much late Wednesday. “This has created a challenge to ensuring there is not a missing generation,” the governing body said.

Cricket Australia’s chief community officer, James Allsopp, told reporters that if “you haven’t established the fundamental movement skills at a young age,” it’s difficult to get into the sport.

There is considerable evidence that if you don’t play cricket by the time you are 12 years old, you are less likely to play cricket as a teenager or in your adult years.

In order to avoid losing a generation of new players, “some of the things we’re doing, and what we’re integrating into the plan, are geared to ensure that we can turn this around,” he added.

The next 12 months will be devoted to solving that challenge.

Cricket’s total registered participation climbed by 11% year-on-year to 598,931 despite a 16% drop in the number of first-timers taking up the sport.

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