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After the 2014 England tour, Virat Kohli recalls a hilarious on-board incident: “He explained Dhoni about team composition.”

After the 2014 England tour, Virat Kohli recalls a hilarious on-board incident: "He explained Dhoni about team composition."

Kohli’s underwhelming performance during the 2014 England trip generated concerns about his position on the team.
India has not been able to win a Test series there in 16 years, making England one of the most difficult countries for them to tour. Team India’s 2014 tour of England was a complete failure as it went 1-3 in the five-match series. Virat Kohli, the star hitter for India, had a terrible series, scoring just 134 runs in 10 innings.

Fans clamoured for Kohli to be immediately removed from the team as a result of his poor performance. India, though, made an incredible comeback to defeat England 3-1 in the ODI series. Fans, though, continued to be dissatisfied with the Test series’ outcome.

Following India’s poor performance in England, Virat Kohli has now told a story about how a fan instructed the Indian team on cricket technique while they were in the air. According to Kohli, the individual went directly to MS Dhoni to offer advice and then wanted $100 from him.

When discussing the humorous encounter with the passenger on the most recent episode of the RCB Podcast season 2, Kohli stated, “The man first headed to Mahi (MS Dhoni) and started talking about how the squad composition should be, and MS disregarded it efficiently. He then turned his attention to me and inquired about the specifics of my bat.

The man demanded a hundred from me in the following game, according to Virat Kohli
When he described how he handled the passenger’s abrupt outburst, Kohli added, “The man said he wanted a hundred from me in the next game. That kind of flipped a switch for me since I was young at the time, and I asked him to have a talk. When I asked him where he worked, he named a corporation. Then, when I questioned him about his position, he said that he was a manager of some sort. I responded by adding, “I want you to be the chairman of the firm in the next three years.”

The fan took Kohli’s remark hard, and he soon understood that international cricket is not for the faint of heart. The ace Indian batter added that as the passenger continued to be persistent, the entire squad started yelling “Coach-Coach” simultaneously, embarrassing the fan and forcing him to take his seat again.


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