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After a long wait, Suryakumar Yadav has finally broken through for the Indian cricket team, according to Sarfaraz Khan

There was a significant uproar on social media after the news that Sarfaraz Khan would not be playing for India in the first two Tests of their series against Australia.

The All India Selection Committee, which is directed by Chetan Sharma and ignored batter Sarfaraz, has been criticised by cricket greats such as Sunil Gavaskar for their decision. Sarfaraz is having a strong run on the domestic circuit right now.

“When he is scoring hundreds, he does not stay off the field; rather, he returns to the field and continues to score. All of this points to the fact that the individual is physically capable of playing cricket.

If you are solely interested in finding men who are fit and trim, you might as well go to a fashion show, pick out some models, and then ask them to participate in the game while holding a bat and a ball in their hands.

There is a wide range of body types represented among cricket players. Don’t judge something by its appearance; instead, focus on how many runs and wickets it has “Gavaskar has told India Today.

The selection of Suryakumar Yadav, who has been doing well for India in the limited-overs formats, in the Tests against Australia rather than Sarfaraz, who has been getting tonnes of runs in first-class cricket, elicited quite the angry reaction from Indian fans on social media. Yadav has been doing well for India in the limited-overs formats.

On the other hand, Suryakumar is a source of motivation for Sarfaraz. The two were teammates on the Mumbai squad that represented their state for a significant amount of time.

“My relationship with Surya goes back a long way. We commit a significant amount of time to one another whenever we are on the same team.

He is a great source of knowledge for me. Yes, he had to be patient, but now that he has more experience, he is making excellent use of it “In an interview with veteran journalist Vimal Kumar, Sarfaraz Khan made the following statement.

When asked about his preparation and his attitude going into the game, Sarfaraz replied the following: “Work is the only thing I concentrate on. I think that one should put in as much effort as they possibly can. Whatever it is that I have been doing, I intend to keep doing that.

I went up to bat with the intention of continuing the pattern that I have established over the past few years. I am a person who has their feet firmly planted on the earth. I put in a lot of work in the dojo, and that’s why my form is holding up.”

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